I am Lydia, & I always wear a straw hat & vintage kaftan. Jokes aside, I work as a global basketball advertising director & am madre to Mario. My husband, Mike, is a commercial director & we live in Portland, Oregon.

I started this site four years ago in September initially as an anonymous space to document my many thoughts (quarter-life crisis alert) as I was unexpectedly entering motherhood. Today, four full years into #momlyfe I still consider myself a new mom & use this account to share fotos of my experience while continuing to write (sloppily) about where/how my role as β€˜mom’ intersects with my career, culture, relationships, identity & sometimes food + style.

I try my best to keep it real and I am extremely grateful for the new friends I have made thru this space & the honest conversations we have with each other on this platform.

Thanks for checking in & hasta luego.