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When I started this blog I wanted to write and share about the experiences I was beginning to go through that were inevitably things that were turning me into a mother. As I write this it is Saturday December 27th 2014 at 4:26am (breast feeding) and have been a mother now for four full days. Mario Joaquín was born just after four AM on Tuesday December 23rd automatically crowning me a madre and Mike a starry eyed new father. We are all fortunate to report that his arrival was quick and uncomplicated. He weighed in at six pounds, five ounces, twenty inches long. We came home Christmas Eve mid day from the hospital and spent a short time at home before putting ourselves together for my aunt's annual Christmas Eve dinner party.

Once we arrived, we confidently walked into her foyer placing Mo, snuggled in his car seat, in the center of the room as we discarded our coats to the coat closet. Soon enough a quiet curious group, which quickly turned into a swarm, had begun to form around him cooing and smiling as they gazed upon him. It was truly like a contemporary portrayal of Baby Jesus in his manger with the wise men, animals and magi adoring him. And like that we introduced Mario to the 30 or so family members that we celebrated Christmas Eve with.

I suddenly had tears in my eyes and rolling down my cheeks as I was congratulated by hugs, kisses and well wishes from aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a bit of a culture shock spending 36 hours under house arrest in our hospital room. I was unprepared for the jolt of emotion I felt and the outpouring of enthusiasm that everyone had to welcome us as a family of three.

Mo napped for the whole dinner and into the evening allowing us to spend time with family, enjoy the meal and to adjust and reflect on our first day in the real world with him.

More details and thoughts on my first days of motherhood coming up in the next week or so. And tomorrow some photos of the baby room!

Thanks for reading! xx Ly