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feelings right now

Let me be honest. After spending the last week in mom mode and fam mode, come Sunday night I was left feeling a bit drained. 8pm I was all of the sudden crying in our upstairs office, adjacent to Mario’s bedroom while he was refusing to put on a night diaper and get ready for bed. CONTINUE READING

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GUest post series: the sitting month

I am very happy to introduce a guest post series from my friend and former colleague Felicia. As she was navigating her pregnancy in Brooklyn I was able to observe from afar, thank god for IG. I told her that if she ever felt the desire to 'write it out' either pre or post baby I would be happy to share this space with her. READ THIS POST

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holidaze guest series

As we approached the holidays, I tapped into some of the mom's I admire most of all to ask for advice on how they keep their cool during extended periods of 'mom mode', ie the HOLIDAZE. So, I a crafted a quick survey to get their temperature check on how they enjoy this time of year. READ THIS POST