making la madre
making la madre

Notes on adulting w/ child by Lydia Lauer & friends

bebegear for traveling families
contemplated renting a stroller from Bebegear but in the end opted for our first trip with our travel stroller bebegear for traveling families As I noted on instagram, we did NOT travel light for our trip to LA. We knew we would not be carseat were must haves.ย We lugged our own carseat and travel stroller- see post here for more details travel
love for the nano
this trip and has held up super well. We are very happy with this guy as our travel companion. On to model for our travels. I chose the Nano because of its minimal design and the fact that it folded up to having the travel stroller was to in fact travel with it. So I brought it with and strolled little Mo aunt. I put it on our registry after a little research on the subject of a travel stroller. We have travel
what worked for me: spring break travel
between us and can truly travel light after checking the bag. For this trip Mike was traveling with it and will continue to use it when we travel with Mo. Travel Light for transportation: As I After sharing quite a few snaps of our travel down to Mexico last week on Instagram I was asked to do a little post on how I handled traveling with Mo. There are tons of more eloquent, detailed what worked for me: spring break travel worked for us. Minimal Luggage: Ever since I was a little traveler my family really urged the 'only travel
Disneyland for Dummies
five key take aways from our trip to the happiest place on Earth. 1) TRAVEL SMALL The smaller the group family travel travel guide travel
. I wonder how exhausted I will be on Monday when we return! Fortunately mi madre is traveling with traveling with baby
weekend in NYC
life shit
life this past week
NY foto diary
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Madre would be a place where I could spark conversations about career, family, parenthood, travel and
weekends are for momo
work or be traveling for work on weekends. Nowadays we still sleep in and we still go out. But, as
this gamechanger is the shit
am going to have a discreet option to take with me while I am traveling. I could easily fit the
Julie Blackmon's photos
the series, above. Via the NYTimes: The photographer Julie Blackmon doesnโ€™t need to travel far to
Five things for a more fashionable spring
go-to spring scarves that I travel with that can be styled in multiple ways. Floor length bohemian
this week & last
surprise to our travel buddies and friends who after this summer are more than familiar with McLauer travel
goodbye nursing
about visiting the lactation room two to three times a day for the first couple months. Once travel supply. The next month, without travel, he began to wean. The lack of milk production was noticeable for
notes on happiness by Ayca
has to be royal, right? She keeps her own blog where she shares her thoughts on style, food, travel
when you are the bad friend
desk for the couple weeks that I was traveling for work. Fast forward to mid August and I am now 10
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