making la madre
making la madre

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I often document my ups and downs navigating career and motherhood. Below are some of the most popular posts from my archives. Search for more content like this in my search bar above tagged 'career' & 'working mom'.


working madre update 

I wrote a few weeks back that I was transitioning into a new job at work. I have joined our global digital function working as part of the leadership group that oversees Nike Women. Moving from our traditional advertising group to the digital side is a really good fit for me. My affinity for social media, blogs, apps and all things .com has me feeling right at home. It is a truly exciting time to wo...


8 months a madre

This past Sunday Mo hit eight months. He is sitting up like a pro, laughing at things that tickle his funny bone, gaining the first of his teeth and eating solids. He is still waking up pretty regularly around 3am or 4am each night to eat but then falls back asleep for us til about 8am...


End of maternity leave 

Today is my last day of maternity leave and as Mo is taking his morning nap I wanted to just write a few short words on this time. I am positively anxious and excited to return to work. We have the great fortune of Mo staying with my mother during the working hours just up the street from our house so the assumed negative anxiety regarding his well being and care when I return to work is non existent. He will likely be in better care than when he is with Mike or I...