The question 'why?'

This is a call for HELP.

I could never have anticipated the amount of times I would get the steadfast reply of ‘why?’ nearly every single time I say something to Mo. Without hesitation he will look me in the eyes and ask ‘why?’

Just now for example when he reached for my phone and said ‘my phone.’ I told him ‘no that is my phone.’ He looked up at me and said ‘why?’ and I replied ’cause its mama’s phone’ and he replies: ‘why?’

I am almost at the point of not being able to deal. Thats an exaggeration of course, but really it is exhausting coming up with reasons ‘why’ for everything. I have tried the trick where I tell a story and get really nuanced about the reasons ‘why’ something is a certain way. Or just telling him a simple ‘because’. Even trying to ignore the questioning.

None of it seems to work. I know I could be really overly romantic and blissful: ‘look at my wonderful exploratory child, asking the universe ‘why’ at every turn!’ ‘How amazing to have the wonder of a baby boy.’ Bla bla bla. I am really at the stage where I want to know how you deal.

Please share any humorous stories or ways that you get around the never ending ‘why?’ from your toddler.

xx ly