After dinner knits not after dinner drinks


Okay, now we can say it. Welcome to FALL!!! What better way to welcome in the season than with a post about some cozy knits! Still in Santa Monica for work and one way to entertain this lady after dinner is to walk into the Madewell and try some clothes on... I can't grab a drink so this has become my little night cap while on business and staying so close to the shop.

The two sweaters I found were so soft to the touch and great wool/alpaca blends available in a few different colors. As you can see in the photo below the green sweater (pictured above in gray) has a zipper detail so it can fit through my various stages of pregnancy and fit in different styles with the zipper all the way unzipped or just subtly unzipped for a more fitted look.


I tried the other sweater in this canterbury red color which in my mind is perfect for fall. It has flowing open slits that make it extremely comfortable and appropriate for the second and third trimester.


As I have mentioned Madewell does some great work with slits. However, I cannot help myself, as soon as I try the sweaters or tops on that seem to fit so well with my bump I immediately want to see what they look like on my regular body. I guess that is something I get to look forward in January after this kid arrives.


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