Gone Crazy!

Urbo2 Mamas and Papas Stroller

That moment has come. I am closing in on 25 weeks pregnant and gone into the crazies. Yesterday afterwork my +1 and I visited the local shop Posh Baby to learn about some strollers. We were greeted by a hip NYC Granny, Tara, who helped us explore the merchandise. I knew already that I wanted to see the Uppababy Vista and the Mama's & Papa's Urbo2. I had done my online research and determined that for us- city living folks, we want a stroller that is minimal on bulk and has some style points- hard to come by in the stroller industry.

Initially I had thought the Vista was our best choice, getting it in the gray/silver color or tan would be something different and I really loved the convertible-ness of the stroller. All the various ways you could move things around- add on the bassinet, face the seat different directions and even add on more seats for future kids. But then just last week doing some internet searching I discovered the Urbo2. It ranked very high in the style department and was extremely minimal especially compared to the Vista. The wheels were smaller, sleeker and as I mentioned the styling, especially the camel and brown leather were really singing my name. The next step though of course was getting my +1 on board and then eventually checking it out in person.

As noted above we ended up heading to Posh Baby, Tara was so great and helpful and somehow convinced us to put the rock baby into the stroller and take it for a stroll outside the store and even try our hand at fitting it in the trunk. I was actually really self conscious and embarrassed to take an empty stroller/rock baby out for a walk out in daylight in the city. But my +1 was into it and so I quickly got over it. We laughed nervously at the ridiculousness of strolling the rock baby and at the real-ness of this being our immediate future. We snapped some cute pics and of course my +1 had to ask if he looked like Kanye. Yes, it is the current stroller of North West, the person, seen below in black leather and chrome.


The reason I say I have gone crazy is that last night and now today all I can think about is that stroller. It is like I am a kid waiting for Christmas Morning. I am so excited to get the stroller, I think its so sleek and stylish and actually looking forward to pushing a REAL baby in it come the new year. We will probably register for the stroller and have it be something that friends can pitch in on.

Anyone have any luck or suggestions for this type of registry? Anyone out there have the Vista or Urbo2 and love or hate it? Would love to hear.

xx Ly