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coveted things swaddle blanket shit  just got real As soon as I started this blog (about two weeks back) I started an Instagram to post photos along with my blog posts but also to share some additional snaps and to connect with people in the ways that only Instagram can let you. In doing so my eyes have been opened to a world of adorable and stylish baby things as well as inspiring and stylish madres. It has been a pleasant surprise. There is so much junk and stuff that just does not fit in with my idea of having a baby or life looks like. Yes, I am fully aware, both as a first time madre and saying I want to be as minimal (with the baby ish) as possible, that I am making what sounds like an unrealistic statement to a lot of current madres. But please let me try!

Either way as mentioned, Instagram has lead me to some finds that I actually am quite excited about purchasing and registering for. The first being swaddle blankets/ scarves from Coveted Things, pictured above. I love the fact that Meridith, the founder/owner/designer, has marketed these as yes blankets but also scarves. They are so stylish and perfect in fact that even if I was not expecting a kid I would definitely consider getting one as a scarf.

She has created fresh and current prints that provide a much needed break from the typical baby offerings. Meridith says it best on her site:

"Coveted Things came about from noticing a saturation of the same all over animal print baby blankies everywhere we went.  Whether it be going to a baby shower and the mom and dad to be receiving boxes of the same childish printed swaddle blankets, or showing up at a mommy and me class and giggling with the other mommies about how we all had matching bee printed blankies.  Having a background in design and creative direction, I was getting frustrated that there really are no contemporary looking blankets that parents can love as much as their babies.   I knew there had to be another option.  I wanted to create a product that was unique to the amazing creative parents out there that like my husband and I crave a more modern look for their nurseries.  Just because you become a parent, does not mean you have to sacrifice good design.

Coveted Things focuses on contemporary statement prints that will sure to have you stand out in the sea of mundane childish prints.  These blankets will instantly update any nursery to give it a fresh, modern feel.  They make great baby shower gifts, and can even be used by the parents (and non- parents) as scarves.  Each blanket is made with high quality super soft cotton and printed with non toxic inks.  You will surely be 'borrowing' them from your baby on many occasions."

coveted things swaddle blankets madrem

And with all of that said, I am in love. I just might have to scoop these up prior to my own kid arriving so I can start wearing them as scarves. Looking forward to future prints and designs that Meridith creates and collecting those too.

Please share your own thoughts, trials and tribulations on 'minimal motherhood' I would love to hear and learn!

xx Ly

all images via Coveted Things Instagram