madre madewell COS selfie

Yesterday was all about deals and today we move on to higher price points and stronger pieces. I had my first ever trip into a COS yesterday and don't know what to say other than I am in LOVE. If you are not familiar with COS it is a higher end brand by H&M that in their own words: favors style over fashion. They do not yet have stores in the US but do have an online shop and a little bird told me they will be opening a store in NYC in November- which is super soon!

So why am I in LOVE with COS? A few good reasons.

  1. The products all effortlessly look good, nothing fussy is in the store.
  2. The fit. The entire look and feel of the COS brand for women (as I am interpreting it) is very refined and chic, kind of a modern elegance. Most things are perfectly oversize, still flattering with the right seams and proportions. PERFECT for a pregnant woman like myself. I might even be considering renaming the blog to Cos La Madre- more about name changes and identity crises in another post soon.
  3. Price point. The shops are merchandised extremely well and make you feel like you are in a gallery or one of a kind designer space so you would assume the prices would match. The price points are actually much more comparable to a J. Crew and I feel like the style and substance you are getting is much higher than J. Crew.
  4. Quality. Obviously these items are at a higher price point than H&M so the quality is expected to be higher. But I can already tell from the materials, fabrics and the cuts and designs that the quality of these pieces is really good.
  5. Obvious one here, but I love the fact that so much of the clothing can be worn pre, during and post pregnancy. I even tried on a pair of leather detailed trousers- black pants with leather trim down the sides. They come in size XS, S, M & L and have elastic waist with a zipper down the back. The size small fit me quite well with belly and all. I might have to go back for those!

I ended up purchasing the Square Cut Jersey Dress and the Extra Long Cardigan. Already wore the dress to an event last night here in Paris at the Palais de Tokyo. I paired it with my new favorite Jeffrey Campbell boots & a ZARA necklace- both boots and necklace are no longer available and were purchased at significant discount- thanks to Nordstrom honoring competitors prices and to a major sale at ZARA.

madre madewell COS black dressmadre madewell outfit grid COS jeffrey campbell zara

If I am lucky I might be stopping by COS Friday before I depart back home and hopefully score a few more things.

xx Ly