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ASOS maternity clothes

Today I am wearing my favorite maternity top. I say favorite maternity top because it is a true maternity top and that says a lot. I purchased the top in the middle of the summer from ASOS which I have yet to swoon about, so let me begin. I love ASOS for a couple main reasons. One- they are super easy (and fun) to shop and browse and two- they deliver within 48 hours (from Europe) and the returns are super duper easy.

A typical trip to involves browsing their site for the items I am wanting and then throwing multiple items in my cart. My median spend at checkout is around $500. I order multiple sizes in each item to be sure of fit. The super quick delivery and easy returns make this process a dream. I enjoy trying on the items in the comfort of my own home and having no hassle with the returns.

When I picked out this maternity top I ordered it in my regular size and a size up. I ended up keeping it in my regular size. I also ordered 3 different dresses in multiple sizes to pick one to wear to my sister in law’s wedding at the end of August. I was very happy with my choice in dress and thought that having a maternity style really flattered my shape. Both items, the dress and the shirt are the ASOS brand, the site does carry many other brands from high end to middle of the pack.

asos striped maternity shirt madre madewell

As I mentioned yesterday- black and white has been a real security blanket for me during my pregnancy- so the top of course has been a welcome addition. I love how graphic and simple it is, with the asymmetrical twist. More about the dress once we get the professional photos from the wedding!

Do any of you shop ASOS? Like I said, I love the convenience.

xx Ly

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