Identity Crisis

making la madre new blog name modern parenthood

I referenced that a name change might be coming and today is the day. My initial intention for this blog was a maternity style blog inspired by Madewell as proven in the first few posts. But as I have dived in deeper to the writing and planning of the blog I am having a good time exploring other subjects and issues. I didn't want the focus of the blog to only be hinged on clothes from Madewell or really only just clothes. I soon started blogging about other brands (duh!), strollers and parenting dilemmas that I have begun to encounter.

The title 'Making La Madre' references the process and the experiences that will undoubtedly make me into a mother. It is surely going to be a wild ride as my +1 and I manage and balance our demanding, exciting careers and navigate the needs and well being of a new person joining our family.

My wish and future plan for this blog is for it to be a resource for parents that are easing into parenthood. Hesitant about how this new little person will shift or affect your own identity, personal style (hello maternity clothes), and relationship. I plan to not take anything too seriously and provide an 'everything in moderation' approach to the whole parenthood game. I look forward to adding some contributors, friends who are beginning their parenting journey and other people who can shed some light on the parenthood game.

Much appreciation to the followers we already have on here and looking forward to growing our network. And yes, that is me and our dog B doing some shopping this weekend at Anthropologie. Scored some silky pj pants that will undoubtedly be worn A LOT this January. More about the pants in a post soon!

xx Ly