'out & about with baby' bag part 3

leader bag co diaper bag

As mentioned last week I have another bag that I think is perfect... Let me introduce you to the Julien from the Leader Bag Company. The company was started by three young women who happen to be sisters (in law) who all had kids around the same time and was just started last year in 2013. I love their approach to the product and design- creating something that is stylish, well made and functional- how can you argue with that?!?

It is simple yet sophisticated, stylish yet subtle and appears to have all the appropriate pockets, zippers and housings to serve its purpose as a 'diaper bag'. I think I love it. Of course my preferred color is the sleek black with waxed canvas, leather details and gold hardware is just my style, I like it a lot. Take a look!

leader bag co the julien diaper bag

leader bag co diaper bag

all photos from Leader Bag Co

My only issue with the bag is the price tag- $425. I guess actually it is up there with the cost of some of the Filson's but again I kind of have this issue with posting such a spendy bag on my registry- people will see me for the real freak that I am. The extra leather pouch and changing mat kind of sway me thinking this is 'more than a diaper bag'. Maybe it is something friends can go in on, or maybe its something we can end up getting with giftcards and that sort of thing. Anyone else have these concerns or freak outs when putting their registry together?