Late Night entertainment


The past few months I could barely have a conversation with any friends or coworkers without mention of the podcast Serial. From what I had heard of the program it had the same cultural cache as Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones or Mad Men in its early years. The show sort of reached its peak in popular culture in December, everyone was talking about it (and listening to it) and even SNL began to do some parodies of the program. I was anxious to begin the series myself but Mike and I decided to hold off on binging on it until we were in desperate need of entertainment: late night feedings. So, the day after Christmas, Mario was 2 days old, we began listening to Serial and joke that the catchy intro theme song of the program is like a lullaby for little Mo. Its really convenient as the program is free, all the episodes can be downloaded at once and you don't have the glare, or the guilt, of the TV or laptop being on.

We now of course have binged and finished the program earlier this week. If you don't know Serial by now download it- it's very addictive and great storytelling. That's all you need to know.

The week Mo was born my BFF Emi sent me a link to another podcast called: The Longest Shortest Time. It's a 3am podcast featuring different interviews and stories relating to the first year of parenting. I have listened to a few and already had a few middle of the night relatable moments with the folks on the show. And have listened to different peoples perspectives and experiences with birth, feeding and parenting. Some of it comes off a bit too much for me but they have a library of episodes so I can usually find something to listen to in the middle of the night. Fortunately for Mike, I was gifted wireless headphones from one of our agency partners at work right before I left on Christmas break/ maternity leave.

Lastly, I also purchased the iBook Bringing up Bebè which I am sure most everyone has heard of. Spoiler alert: this is the first 'parenting' book I will have read. I am not really much of an academic when it comes to child rearing. I am much more inclined to follow my own instinct and do what comes natural. If I have a question I will reach out to my mother my mother one of the other new mothers I know.

What I like about this book is that it reads much more as a memoir, anecdotal about raising children in a foreign place and being an outsider in the French mom culture. So far I wouldn't really call it a parenting book is definitely much more of her own personal experience.

That's what I have to report thus far on what has kept me entertained in the middle of the night when I'm feeding this little hungry man. Happy to report I have not resorted to downloading candy crush.

xx Ly