few of my favorite things

newborn favorite products

After three weeks and a couple days as a Madre I have already found just a few items that are making life with a newborn that much easier for me. Without further ado these are a few of my favorite things.

1) HANNA SOCKS: If you haven't heard already, Hanna socks are the absolute best. In either fun prints or solid colors they are super cozy and soft. But more importantly they stay on your babies feet. I don't know if their design is patented but it darn well should be. The socks feature an extra elastic cinch right at the ankle so they don't fall off of the babies feet between outfit swaps or diaper changes. Don't waste your time with any other socks for your infant, especially if they're born in the colder months.

2) SOLLYBABY WRAP: I was so excited to use this as soon as we got home from the hospital. I tried it on with Mo within 30 minutes of walking in the door. I love how cozy he is in it. And how happy we both are to be hanging out together and that I get to be hands-free. I have both the gray stripe and the navy shibori print. I use it when walking around the house, doing emails, writing blog posts or out on walks with him bundled up below my jacket. I let him fall asleep in it or sometimes he is just wide-eyed looking at everything around us. It is probably my favorite baby purchase.

3) AMERICAN APPAREL CLUTCH: I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the right diaper bag for our family. The one I wanted was far more than I wanted to spend. And with our baby arriving 11 days early I didn't really have the time to properly find a replacement. So instead I have been using a large, about 8.5 x 11 inches big, clutch from American Apparel. I keep wipes a change of clothes and diapers in the clutch and throw it in whatever handbag I'm using at the time or sometimes even just carry it as a clutch when out for a quick trip. So far, so good. It's working great and I like how easy and practical it is.

4) BIBDANAS: These seem to be a recent phenomenon and pretty trendy for hip little babies. We were gifted quite a few at our various showers. As I understand it they are intended to be used once little babies begin to drool like crazy. But I've been using them as our little guy has begun to burp and spit up and also because they provide kind of a nice little cuddle to his tiny neck and exposed chest in his onesies. Their operating more like little scarves or handkerchiefs than bibs. Plus how could I say no it's a little boy fashion accessories.

5) FRENCHIE DOG PILLOW: We got this at a local baby shop this week. I love it & hope Mo grows fond of it too. Currently the little doggie resides in the corner of Mo's crib and I have noticed him making eye contact with the cute little face. Apparently babies love looking at faces, even puppy faces! After a little research I learned that the designer Kara Burke does custom pillows of your own pet! One of those might be in our future!

Any other infant favorites from you guys?

xx Ly