sportswear/ workout gear/ loungewear

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A post about some of my favorite sportswear/workout gear/ loungewear is overdue. I can be seen in my Nike sweats and sneakers more often than not. Don't be worried it is not a sad post baby wardrobe slump, sportswear/ workout gear/ loungewear is a major part of my wardrobe both pre and post partum.

I recently took a visit to the Nike store and added some new favorites to the rotation.

1) Bliss Pant: These are a version of the very on trend jogger but the fact that they are Nike makes them legit sportswear both for lounging and activewear. I love the cut, soft fabric and fit.

2) Bomber: An updated classic athletic silhouette that I can throw over any pair of sweats/leggings/tights/shorts and feel automatically cool.

3) Legend Tight: My ultimate black leggings. These are perfect for working out but also super flattering for daily use for laid back days. Plus these pants claim to give you the 'best butt ever' which I am not mad about.

4) Flyknit Chukka: Not a shoe for working out but the best looking everyday sneaker. Super comfortable with super stylish details.

5) Indy Bra: I have been wearing these as nursing bras. They fold down nicely when I need to nurse, are very comfortable and offer great support. They also have padding inside them which is kind of odd, but that serves as a great barrier for leaking nipples when you are not nursing!

The obvious bonus of wearing this gear is that I am more often than not one step from being workout ready, but the real benefit is how comfortable & flattering everything is. So i end up feeling confident and chic in these looks which does wonders for a post partum madre. Hope this post inspires you to work in some sportswear looks into your wardrobe.

xx Ly