saturday in the sun


This entire weekend was beautiful. Unseasonably warm temperatures and daylight savings time are a winning combination. On Saturday I shared a photo on instagram and began to write about my gratitude and feelings for the day. We spontaneously had a group over to our backyard to enjoy the sunshine. The group was small and comprised of some cousins, friends and dogs. Mo was the only child present and he was passed around the group for hugs, snuggles, coos and smiles.

Being the first of most of our friends to have a baby it was a really good feeling and memory to keep & save of how this little person fit right in and was so easily accepted and doted on. With us all sitting in our backyard in the sunshine enjoying the afternoon I had a thought that it was our little boy's unofficial baptism. As he was bathed in the warm sunlight he was effortlessly welcomed into our little circle of friends.

The months leading up to Mario's arrival I definitely worried about how he would be welcomed by our friends and peers. How would he be accepted and how would we be accepted or perceived as parents and a family of three? I wondered if I was going to be the only one that wanted to hold him or make him smile, would Mike and I be the only ones that thought he was cute or would want to spend time with him... Would we even want to spend time with him. But now that he is here he is fitting right into our life seamlessly. It is a great feeling.

xx Ly