Five Things from Boston

Today my friend Meredith is sharing the five things that are getting her through the winter, yes its still winter weather on the East coast. Take it away Mere!

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I moved to Boston on January 17th, which was exactly one day before the first big snowfall of the year. I spent the last eight winters in Portland and was aching for snow....Boston delivered! This past weekend, we broke the record for Boston's snowiest winter ever! Here's a picture of me next to a giant snowbank outside our apartment.
Truthfully, I've loved nearly every day of the storms. Snow is the perfect excuse for comfort foods, cozy blankets and puzzles. Here are my top 5 "survival" items that make snow days more enjoyable:
This was my first pair of Sorrel boots. Out of necessity, I wore them with wool socks every single day in January and February. My feet were always warm and dry. They were perfect for trekking through deep snow and deep slushy puddles on the sidewalk corners.
It must be the Boston Tea Party vibe of this city...I've started drinking so much tea. I can't get enough of the David's Tea flavors which are tasty and fun. "Glitter & Gold" tastes like a fireball and sparkles as it steeps! "Birthday Cake" and "Red Velvet Cake" are practically dessert. My all-time favorite is "Cold 911" - an amazingly strong and flavorful mint tea.
I bought this on a whim before I knew we were moving to Boston. It has come to my rescue every night! I preheat the bed and jump in. No more cold feet or wearing sweaters to bed. With dual controls, my husband doesn't have to worry about over-heating.
"This is so freakin' good!" my husband exclaimed last night after the 20th or so time eating this. This recipe was my go-to dinner all winter. It's healthy, hearty and delicious. I like to switch up the ingredients every time I make it. Last night I used Brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes and hot Italian sausage. This is a winner!
I could give you the run-down on lotions and balms I use for my winter skin, but it's best to treat the problem at the source. Run a humidifier all winter long if you don't already! Good for your skin and sinuses.

Thanks for sharing Mere! I am definitely going to be checking out those teas, they sound so interesting!

xx Ly