17 weeks a madre

peaceful sleeping baby boy

Hello! If you cannot tell by the photo, this post is about sleep. I am slightly obsessed with how this little boy sleeps.

This week we hit 17 weeks while today 4/23 is Mo's four month mark. We have his four month check up later today but I wanted to jump in with some updates on life for us at 17 weeks. As noted above, the subject that I still cannot get enough of is SLEEP. Mo has gone through so many cycles and patterns with his sleep that I just cannot stop talking about it. When he sleeps well I brag to anyone who will listen. All the while being superstitious and nervous that my blabbing will curse us back into sleepless nights. So here I am cursing myself.

Over the weekend at a bridal shower for a friend I snagged her sisters, the hosts, to talk about sleeping. The two sisters both have little girls born in the fall and I was anxious to get their details on what was working in their house sleep wise. I complained to both Liz and Sarah Jane that Mo had been waking up consistently each night 3-4 times since returning from Mexico and the Mid West. They shared some of the things that worked for them and promised to do a future guest post on the sleepwave and the other techniques that work in their homes. That night I came home and we hosted a few friends for drinks. Mo stayed up to his usual 10:30/11PM and had a bottle before bed. This time I made him 5 oz instead of his usual 4. That night he did not wake again until 7am to eat and then went back to sleep til 10am. I was astonished! No fussing, no waking, no nothing. I felt like my complaining had worn off his restless nights and I was so so so pleased with him. He took a catnap at around 12pm but did not nap the rest of the day. He was fussy though and we think he is beginning to teeth as he was chewing on his hands quite a bit.

Sunday night we put him down for bed again around 10:30/11pm and he didn't wake until 7am. It was amazing, he played in bed until about 8am but then went back to sleep until 11am.

Monday night we had a similar story again he woke up at 8am. Third time is a charm right? I could not believe we had gotten this far. Tuesday night comes along and we follow the above, except that he wakes at 5am instead of his usual 7/8am. I blame this on the afternoon nap that he enjoyed. Even though Tuesday night was less of a stretch, I am still pleased and impressed with his recent pattern.

I have heard of some babies who just sleep well. They hit an age where they fall into their rhythm. I would love for that to be Mo. We are a week out from my maternity leave and I would love if this is how he lets me welcome the first week(s) back *knock on wood*.

In other news here are a few quick hits at 17 weeks a madre/ 4 months a bebe:

  • Mo continues to love people and faces, he is very social and smiley which makes us quite the proud parents.
  • We love our bumbo chair. So much in fact that it has inspired a new round up of favorite products post for next week if I can keep it up.
  • Everyone tells us we have such a happy and calm baby which is great to hear, but kind of nerve racking as I wonder when he is gonna flip. Or that potential baby #2 will be outta control.
  • Mo has not quite mastered the laugh yet but he lets out these really squeaky noises that we assume are his attempts at real laughs. He is so babbly, bubbly and ambitious when he wants to be.
  • Mo will be on his third trip tonight as we head to LA to visit some friends and hang with Mike who is working on an edit. Very grateful to have my last few days of maternity leave in the guaranteed sunshine enjoying all that Lalaland has to offer. Hoping we can sneak this baby up to the pool at the Ace for some more swimming!

That is where we are at. The last of my xx weeks a madre series written on maternity leave. Excited to have this space to share how things transition for us as I balance work, breastfeeding, commuting, bottle feeding, diaper changing, baby wearing with being the best friend, wife & family member I was, and continue to try to be, 17 weeks ago before heading out on maternity leave and becoming this madre.

xx Ly

*note from la madre: he slept like a champ again last night, Weds night! We fly to LA today so curious to see how that effs things up for us.