first mother's day

feded #proudmom

We had a good weekend. Spending Saturday with family for an early Mother's Day out at my Uncle's farm just outside of Portland. I put the Instax Mini camera that FedEx gifted me eariler in the week to good use! Pre farm I got a haircut and post farm we watched the movie Neighbors (meh). Sunday was spent with our mothers eating various meals: chorizo & eggs, a bomb kale salad, delicious bree & then late night fresh and local strawberry sundaes which were free for moms at Burgerville! Reflecting on my first mother's day this weekend there were a few things that stuck out. 1) It is like your birthday, but better. I say this because on your birthday you can expect the usual flood of texts & messages from friends and family. But for me, on my first mother's day I had no clue that I would be receiving so many sweet wishes from such unexpected friends. anit mommy blog 2) Also on the birthday note. Most often on your birthday you feel great. You are walking around town with a smile on your face and people notice but aren't quite sure why. On mother's day people out and about see you with your baby/child/children and KNOW its mother's day so they greet you and give you a cheery 'happy mother's day'. Bonus when they tell you how cute your baby boy is too. 3) It always falls on a Sunday. With a birthday it falls on a different day every year and it always feels a bit unexpected like it sneaks up on you. But, mother's day, and father's day, fall on a Sunday each year so typically there is no work to interfere and signs, commercials and pop culture reminding you to do something. But the best thing about it falling on a Sunday is that Sunday's typically are family days, days of relaxation or reflection. A woman in line for the bathroom at the restaurant we went to wished me a 'happy mother's day' and asked how my day was going. I told her it was good. But that it was not much different from any other Sunday, as my Sunday's are typically pretty good. Eating a casual meal out, spending times outdoors & focusing on family and friends. first mother's day 4) There is a big focus on food and flowers. Most folks participate in a brunch, lunch or dinner with mom. We celebrated all three meals with all parts of our family so we ate well. Flowers are a very traditional gift and as I get older I have truly come to adore them. A walk last weekend with a friend around our neighborhood I was inadvertently emulating a 80 year old woman stopping to truly smell and admire the roses. Side note: our climate in Portland is world renowned for its ability to nurture and grow the most beautiful roses. We are The Rose City after all. Love your mother. xx ly