21 weeks a madre

An update is overdue. I have been back in the working world now for three weeks and I have lost track of how old Mo is. I truly had to go back and count from his birthday just now to see how many weeks he is. He hits five months on Friday and today he is 21 weeks old. An update on this whole working mom thing feels like a good place to start.

I am loving being back at work. Sitting with my friends and peers talking about marketing trends, pop culture trends and putting together inspirational content plans is a really fun way to spend your days. I am very happy to be back in my comfort zone at work and taking on some new and different projects that I am really excited about. Plus these first few weeks easing into it have been very nice. Being in the office with time to just think, process and focus on something other than baby.

So far, mornings are not much different than they were pre baby. I still wake up on the later side allowing myself about 15-20 minutes to get ready and then I am out the door. Some days I am responsible for dropping Mo with my mom but most often Mike takes care of this. The days that I do drop off it adds about 10 minutes to my commute which is manageable. I am really happy that Mike gets the morning time with Mo. On the mornings that are a bit lighter for him he can spend some extra time with Mo before dropping him at my moms. He actually probably sees more of him now than I do. We do keep Mo up late, its how I was raised and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. We would rather spend the time as a family together instead of shipping him off to bed at 7pm. He sleeps in for us and sleeps better this way and our week day morning schedule allows for this, on the weekends its great too!

Another addition to my mornings has been spin class at the Burncycle studio. The first week of March I returned to the studio since giving birth. Since then I have been very consistent in attending the Tuesday Thursday sessions. During my leave I would go to the 9:30am class but now have shifted and am dedicated to the 7am classes Tuesday and Thursdays. Its such a good workout and I love the vibe and purpose of the class. The instructors can be very introspective, inspirational and motivational and its truly the best way to start my days.

In home news, I subscribed to Plated after a recommendation from my sister in law. I made our first meal on Sunday night and was very pleased with the process from start to finish including the meal, it was actually really good! I am looking forward to more home cooked, healthy and fresh meals. We do not typically cook and are really bad grocery shoppers so Plated helps a ton. They even offer baby/kid friendly options that you can add to your meal plan. Might have to check that out once Mo gets some teeth.

Now, what you are really here for, a quick hit of Mo updates & milestones:

  • He has begun to laugh when we laugh, apparently thats how these babies learn. Monkey see, monkey do ya know.
  • We fed him his first real food last week. It was some tasty avocado. We still can't determine if he liked it or he just liked the feeling of the spoon in his mouth.
  • I am pumping at work and it has been a pretty good experience so far. I quit pumping after about one month when I had the breast infection so I was nervous to start again but things have been going well. It is still mind blowing to see this milk in the bottle at the end of the day that I made.
  • He is getting big! Not huge or anything but definitely getting bigger. He actually is only now beginning to wear his 3-6 months clothes, but last night we glanced at him dozing off in his swing after dinner and he looked really big. Might have been the 'man outfit' but truly he is starting to take up so much more space.
  • We finally put our hand me down bob running stroller to use the other week. Mo sits in their so patiently and we can't tell yet if he likes it or not. But I sure do! Getting a workout in with baby is a pretty great thing.

That is what I've got at 21 weeks.

xx Ly