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As I write this it is Monday June 29th at 10:37pm. I just wrapped six of six straight days of a shoot for work. I arrived down in LA last Monday evening for work. First thing Tuesday morning I started with wardrobe and casting. Well to be fair, first thing was a 7am Soulcycle with my friend Kam.

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Being on production can be taxing and most often requires long stretches of time away from home.

Because of this we decided to have Mike and Mo fly down Wednesday through Monday so we could spend some time together and so that night time feedings and nursing would be easier for everyone… Who likes waking up before your alarm to pump? Nursing your own baby is a much better experience.

Call times have been typically 6:30 am and we have wrapped no earlier than 8pm each day with at least a 30 minute car ride back to the hotel from set. So that leads little time to hang with my guys especially since I am pretty beat from days on location in the heat and sun once I return to the hotel.

Enough with the details of production life. The point is I was anticipating a bit more time to spend with Mike and Mo, I optimistically packed a swimsuit but have not even walked by the pool.

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Additionally, from Mike’s perspective I don’t think he was planning on spending the entire day with Mo on his own. Production schedules typically change and adjust allowing some downtime during the day or unexpected opportunities to return to leave set, which ours didn't. But the good part is both Mike & Mo have doing really really good without me. I was anticipating texts for help or even panic. But I truly have received none. The closest thing was a very calm/normal phone call from the PDX airport asking me to remind him how to fold down the travel stroller. Instead of panic though I have been on the receiving end of a lot of cute photos of my guys lounging in the room, dipping in the pool, drinking americanos and visiting pool parties with friends.

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I am so relieved and happy to know that their time together was beneficial for all of us. Most of all I am really impressed with Mike's stamina and ability, yes I know that sounds bad, to spend all day with Mo. Take care of every feeding, diaper change, entertainment, nap, fuss etc. Scattered throughout the post are some photos via text that Mike sent me throughout the days of their activities. It was so nice to come home to them at the end of each day. Such a relief on my breasts too. I was pumping on set but Mo does a better job at getting the milk out than the pump does.

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My guys left mid day Monday afternoon back to Portland as Mike had some meetings to attend to back home. Now I am sitting in the king size bed of my hotel room with traces of their visit, the rollaway crib, a diaper, some of their leftover dirty clothes and empty baby bottles. I have the room to myself and the night to myself along with the TV remote and a glass of rosé.

I remember being on production last September, a 10 day stretch when I started the blog. I looked forward and imagined nights like this. Away from my husband and child. Alone in a comfortable room the night before heading back home to them in the morning. I remember thinking that I would try to really appreciate and take advantage of these little pockets of 'me time' that are allowed and come my way. And here I am, doing exactly that.

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