I want her weekend


Mike makes the joke that we were married in a pre Tinder era, which is true. Tinder did not come into our consciousness until maybe six months after we were married. But we have had fun playing with our friends accounts and are both quite impressed with the concept. Now that I think of it we dated in a mostly pre instagram era as well. The summer months spent in Europe while dating and in our early/mid twenties were not documented on instagram or snapchat so it is kind of like they didn't exist. Working in the women's industry I am always exploring content created and focused on female consumers. During my morning reads this morning I discovered an article about Tinder's ad for their 'Tinder Plus' service and was in love the story and approach. It is a very fun and aspirational approach to their service. I do not know anyone who uses Tinder with this much success but maybe thats just cause I don't know anyone using the service in Europe.

Take a look. Maybe this in the least can inspire a spontaneous date night or weekend adventure.

xx Ly

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdef2anpd04&w=560&h=315]