this is halloween.


This little song from The Nightmare Before Christmas has been in my head the past few weeks. But how is it that Halloween is this weekend?!? If I was a kid, or even a college student, I would be counting down the days to play dress up and debut my smart and unique costume. Even last year I was prepped and we threw an all out Halloween party at our house. Complete with over the top décor and jungle juice too!

This year however, the holiday has really snuck up on us. Not only do we not have pumpkins on our porch but neither do we have a costume for Mo’s first ever Halloween!!! I feel like the pressure is on. There are only so many years when he can be what we want him to be.

We have two runners on our list right now that are as follow

1. Wayne, maybe I dress as Wayne too and Mike as Garth?

2. Drake in his Hotline Bling video. Mike's idea. I love it but it seems a bit too involved. We would need to paint a little beard on Mo's face, create a white box to put him in with some pastel lights, yikes!

Or maybe something completely different! Open to ideas... My best friend just suggested he be the rat eating pizza found of recent internet fame... I can't bare to watch the video but I do enjoy a topical costume.

What are you or your little one dressing as? Do you have any favorite costumes from your childhood? Would love to hear!

xx Ly

PS: This video from Refinery29 had me literally LOL-ing with their ideas of what you can do with an old sheet for your own costume.