This is 32


Either I am pregnant or I am getting old. My 32nd birthday was last Sunday. I celebrated with a small dinner Saturday night followed by an appropriately rowdy night of drinks round a fire pit at a favorite bar and maybe a late nite drive thru at McDonalds (see above morning after evidence). Friends from various corners of my life, though mostly work cause, this is 32 when your job is your life/social life, came to celebrate. I was delighted by the fanfare and well wishes. My celebration continued into the work week with two bouquets of flowers from my coworkers, krispy kreme donuts & more treats sprinkled through out the week. It was a great birthday and I am happy to be 32.

But back to my opener… Now that I am 32 I am feeling a sudden shift. Specifically in my waist. And the only other time I felt like this was when I discovered I as pregnant. My pants were fitting a bit snug and that’s exactly how I am feeling these days. What is alarming about this is that I bought three pairs of new pants three weeks ago and I could have sworn they fit me different in the dressing room. Does this have something to do with my new age, my exercise routine, my diet?

My exercise routine has me working out 4-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes, most often 45. I do spin class twice a week, run once or twice a week and do some kind of other gym workout the other day of the week. I know I am maintaining my fitness and not necessarily making steady improvements or taxing myself each workout but that shouldn’t mean that I feel an all around new and different size. 

My diet could always be better- but I don’t pig out on horrible foods. I am pretty liberal with what I allow myself to eat- everything in moderation is my rule. Maybe I need to start eating smarter, is that part of being an adult?

And then the pregnancy. I only reference this because my symptoms these days mimic those that I felt pre pregnancy two years ago. But I am 99.9% confident in my birth control, because that is what the doctors say I should be. Eek!

So this is me. Here I am at 32 feeling too big for my new designer denim & scared I might be pregnant. Feels a lot like 29 come to think of it…

Send any thoughts on 32 and please advise if any of the above symptoms hit you once you hit this age or any near it.

xx Ly

*note from la Madre: I have a five year IUD so pregnancy is damn near impossible.