five things @ 16 months a madre

The past month has been super duper busy so here are the five things to know about this madre 16 months in.

1) We had our first 'parents weekend’ away from Mo at the end of April. Five nights in Palm Springs with two other couples for a relaxing long weekend, might be worth a ‘5 things about PS’ post in the future. It was lovely and I look forward to going back- maybe even with Mo!


2) I went to NYC 30 hours after returning from PS on a work trip, four days in the Big Apple for the YouTube Newfronts. It was an awesome experience. I initially had pangs of ‘mom guilt’ due to the fact that I had planned a vacation sans Momo and then had an unexpected work trip piggyback it. I quickly got over that though and had the chance to catch up with two favorite ‘industry’ mom friends of mine while in NYC.

3) We have a walker!!! Mo had been taking steps for the past couple months but only in the past two weeks has he really taken off to all corners of the house, porch, yard, sidewall, park, wherever to explore his surroundings. I love watching him tap dance his way around. He has such flair and such a huge grin of accomplishment!

4) I dyed my hair for the very first time ever and I really like it. A little babylights & baylayage to spruce up my mop.

5) Snuggles- right before bedtime these days Mo gets cozy sitting next to me on the couch or chair or on the floor of his bedroom and lets the weight of the world rest on me. He’s tired from playing and living life as a guy who spends all of his energy babbling, mimicking, crawling, taking steps, walking, balancing, falling, throwing food on the ground and being silly. It is really sweet and makes me feel really special knowing that he feels so safe in my arms.

That is life at 16 months a madre. More Madre than Mo in this post but that’s life!

xx Ly