notes on happiness by Ayca

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Happy Monday! Today I am here with a guest post from my friend and NYC based coworker Ayca. A few things you should know about Ayca before reading her post. She is a Turkish princess. I say this because she is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet with effortless style and grace, she has to be royal, right? She keeps her own blog where she shares her thoughts on style, food, travel and her colorful life.

In a recent post she wrote about what it means to be happy and explores a lot of different topics and means to happiness. I found it really honest and wanted to share this excerpt below.

The norms of our culture and what we have been told, sometimes makes you doubt the route you take. It makes you feel like you are really far behind in the race versus making you realize that your life is not a race. Your path is not comparable to others. Then my question is : Are we really suppose to take all those steps? Can we not feel whole without checking all those boxes? Is that the only way to be happy?

Or we can actually be happy as who we chose to be, not who we told to be. By owning our journey. Being happy just by living the life WE create, on a daily basis, not a scripted one. As we grow, re-shaping and re-defining who we are and who we want to be.

Click through her blog to find the full post.

Thanks for letting me share Ayca. I really love your message.

xx ly