5 things for the backyard

jamison square portland oregon

Sometimes, when you are an adult you buy a house. And most of the time you go back and forth with your partner on whether or not you should remodel said house. Ever since moving into our house in December of 2013 I have been dreaming about how and when we properly update few key areas of the house. Don't get me wrong, before we moved in we did very minimal updates to the kitchen. I had seen a tutorial on how to get concrete countertops by basically layering on thin layers of concrete onto your existing countertops. I did this along painting the existing backsplash with tile paint so that we could have a cleaner look in our navy and maroon kitchen. But that was almost three years ago.

At the top of my list these days are the kitchen and backyard. Additional desires include the unfinished basement, our bedroom, upstairs sunporch and maybe even the unfinished, yet inaccessible, attic.

Each month I pull together a new floorpan or inspiration board to share with Mike. He is less inclined to do this work due to the high costs of kitchen remodeling and is not convinced on the return in investment. Either way, I am not giving up and will continue to push and present ideas in the hopes that we can figure out the right, cost effective solution for our home. I am hopeful that the backyard/deck solution will be completed by the end of the Summer, here is hoping we can get all the right and skilled personnel in place with the right pricetag!

In the meantime I have been searching for the right outdoor furniture for our outdoor space. With Summer in full swing my dreams of a back deck and landscaped backyard are in full heat. Below is a collection of some of my favorites, a few on sale too!

backyard must haves summer 2016

1) Loveseat for the deck: CB2 Ixtapa Loveseat 2) TeePee: Target Pillowfort TeePee 3) Little people dining: Land of Nod Play Table & Chairs 4) A baby size lounger: Land of Nod Mini Acapulco Chair 5) Madre size lounger: CB2 Ixtapa Lounge Chair

Enjoy and if you have any recos for a local landscaper, builder, contracted in Portland please share!

xx Ly