19 months a madre

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Here I am, over a year and a half into what has arguably been the most defining part of my adulthood. The emotional growth and adjustment that I have made has been appropriately organic and slow. Just recently I have properly accepted the fact that I am a M-O-M. I sleep less, have finally determined a proper makeup routine and take care (in some shape or form) of a little human man everyday.

I know I am not alone in this surprise acceptance of motherhood and collect little quotes and anecdotes from the collection of blogs and people I follow online. I continue to This one that I found yesterday from Joanna Goddard’s website (more on that later) comes from new madre and writer Alyssa Shelasky.

“The greatest thing I learned is that I don’t have to be so tough – that a “never let ’em see ya sweat” ethos is a lost cause in this sappy love song called motherhood.”

In all honesty I feel like I have lost a bit of my edge here on the blog and want to be sure I am keeping it real and sharing the shitty side of motherhood with my readers. But this summer has been pretty blissful in the madre department. Yes, we have had more sleepless nights than I would like to remember and some weekends it feels like the terrible twos came early. But overall the longer days have allowed for more time for us three to hang out after work. Lots of walks around the hood before bedtime, with a bottle of milk for Mo and glasses of wine for Mike & I. I have rediscovered the bliss of a swing set. Pushing Mo but also getting on there myself and feeling an amazing sense of freedom. 

Other summer pleasures include eating too many blueberries and then finding them the next morning in Mo’s diaper, he is digesting them fine. Swimming at the farm and at our neighborhood swimming pool. Last week we took Mo & Annabella to the pool where my siblings, cousins and best friends all grew up taking swim lessons and spending hours in the water. He is delighted by the water. We have plans to start swim lessons mid August.

creston swimming pool

In blog news, I am working on a few new posts. One all about ‘capsule collection’ wardrobes and the other, a series of guest posts featuring various families and the decisions they have made on one, none or many children. Please ping me if you are interested in sharing your own story. 

Hope your August allows for some r&r, travel near or far and time in the outdoors.

xx Ly