no phone zone

I have been without my iPhone (or any phone for that matter) since Saturday afternoon. Short story is that my phone is fried. Nearly five days without a cell phone. A little technology break. Sounds interesting right?

What made it extra interesting for me is the fact that I have been at work all week answering emails, in meetings, running around crazy (like normal). I am somewhat surprised that I am still afloat. Then to compound it all we had an offer on a house accepted Sunday (no we were not planning this, more to come later) and have spent the past four days getting our house in TIP TOP SHAPE for stagers, photographers, videographers, and the like with the first showings taking place today. We are on a very short time frame to get our house sold, please wish us a speedy sale.

So between coordinating cleaners, realtors, landscapers, a handyman and then our normal daily lives like dinner plans & swim lessons things have been a little nuts. I do have iMessage on my computer at work and iMessage on my iPad at home so have had some relief there. But the moral of the story is that I didn’t miss my phone too much. The first few days I was thinking, “this would be cute for snapchat” or “would love to gram this”. But by Monday afternoon I was feeling quite good.

I just got my loaner from our tech team here at work and am already all plugged in with my apps. Life was a bit simpler but now got much more connected. More to come on our house, will be sharing the listing here in the event you guys have any friends looking for a great house in SE Portland.

And, If you are curious why I went so long without a phone it is kind of a long story. Between the tech people here at work and the geniuses at the Apple store I need a new phone. The new phone I want is the new iPhone launching in September so that means that I spent the past few days looking for a loaner phone. Just yesterday I learned that our company offers loaners for short term, so I am good to go until my new phone debuts.

Xx ly