#throwback to 7 weeks a madre

Hi! Felt like today was a great day for a #throwbackthursday post. Since Mo is turning two this month, on the 23rd, I wanted to step back and share a post about the early days. This post titled ‘7 weeks a madre’ is all about the ups and mostly downs of breastfeeding (cracked & infected nipples), sleep deprivation, post-partum workouts & the silly sweetness of having a newborn.

Looking back at photos from this time Mike and I both look super sleepy and our baby boy looks like a little rag doll- skinny, floppy and very small. I am trying to remember things that I did not write about back then or maybe glossed over.

I think the one thing that sticks out is the wave of emotions that you feel in the first few weeks. The intense satisfaction and pride you have creating and bringing this person into the world. Growing them, birthing them and then nurturing them for days and days on end. Pair that excitement with the opposite end of the spectrum. Excitement and fear: am I doing this right, am I doing enough, am I good enough.

I am happy to report that we are rarely second guessing ourselves these days. I know that what is right for Mike, Mo and I is enough and sufficient. Of course we can always be doing more and be doing better. So much so that I have been toying with a post about the ‘five things that make me a bad mom’ (rarely brushing teeth, infrequent baths and iPad usage to name a few). You learn a lot and you adapt quickly. I would not say that it is going ‘so fast’ but parenthood definitely has us on our toes and learning every day. If you haven’t already, check my Instagram for daily doses of reality (the good and the bad) of my life as a madre in all its filtered glory.

Xx Ly