a snowy day

Snow days in Portland are quite funny. Most times when the forecast calls for snow fall the whole city goes into panic mode. School closures, work closures and everyone stays inside in anticipation.


This time was no different. On Thursday the forecast called for 1-4 inches of snow and come Thursday morning everyone was inside just waiting. Our daily lives on pause waiting for our snow day. Finally at noon some snow began to accumulate- maybe one inch. It was little flurries that created the perfect dusting across town. If only I had not had food poisoning the night before (puking six times the the day would have been the best. Was still pretty great though.

We ended up having a four-day weekend of sorts. Worked from home Friday due to icy roads and then truly kicked off Christmas this weekend. I picked up a noble fir from a lot in our neighborhood, sorry no cute little Christmas tree hunt for this familia. I actually picked it out by myself after driving by the lot and seeing their signage: $20 TREES! And on Saturday night we went to the first Holiday party of the season.

xx Ly