The 5 habits of a bad mom

While the title of this post is slightly in jest it is most of all a curation of my own bad habits in this role of 'mom'. Things that I realize are habits we have formed and we are working on adjusting. But still a funny collection of all the things I forget to do or didn't even think was something I needed to be doing- ok probably digging myself deeper here... Jumping right into  'the five habits of a bad mom'.

  1. SCREENTIME FTW If you read or follow along on instagram the first thing on my list should come as no surprise. We definitely are the family that is really friendly with screentime. I don't necessarily think this is something that will change a whole lot but it is something we will continue to be concious about and make sure we are using  in the right scenarios. A friend commented the other day on an instagram saying "screentime or die when no naps occur, any mom saying otherwise is a liar" I loved that.
  2. WEEKLY BATHS Now that Mo is two bath time is going to become a more frequent affair. During his first year he got one bath a week. I don't know if that is right or wrong. It's what we did. In the past year we probably averaged about 60 baths in the full year, so whoops. New Years Resolution 2017- bathe my kid.
  3. MANI/ PEDIS FOR KIDS Seriously though, send me all the how tos on clipping a two year olds finger and toe nails. It is damn near impossible to clip Mo's nails without putting him in a straight jacket mounted to a table or wall. I have done the whole biting with my fingers trick but that only lasts so long as it becomes quite gross once he has such grimy fingers & toes (maybe if I bathed him more often it would be less of an issue, ha!) I have waited til he's asleep but that proves difficult as well, plus I always have the good intention of doing it after he's asleep but often forget and fall asleep Myself. Like I said, send me your tricks!
  4. TOOTH BRUSH? Ok, a theme is becoming quite apparent here. Hygiene. Need to work on that with the boy. But tooth brushing is a really bad habit- we rarely do this in an organized manner with Mo. fortunately he has started reminding me when he sees me brushing my teeth that he wants to brush too. So he's schooling me there.
  5. THAT OH SO CURATED INSTA LIFE I realized that my @makinglamadre account has become a lot of happy smiling mama & baby moments. Which yes life with Mike & Mo is a lot of that. But it's also a lot of the above and it's beginning to include a lot more whining, spilled milk and nap rejection. More picture perfect instas to come but make sure you read the copy so you can get the real story!

So so there you have it- an honest story about my daily fails as a madre. 2017, I promise we will try to be better at this whole parenting thang.

xx Ly