snow days + self care + pom pom moms

7BCA69CB-FAB4-4CBC-A41F-CA6636AA8C38.JPG We have had snow on the ground for eight full days here in Portland and everyone is going stir crazy. Mike, Mo and I have been fortunate enough to venture out most days either by foot or out and about in the bulky 2003 land cruiser we are 'car sitting' for my in-laws while they are in Mexico. We have hosted friends, visited family and eaten way too many wavy lays potato chips.

Since we are house bound I have been spending lots of time on Pinterest (hello, hopeful kitchen renovation) and trying my best to keep active with workouts indoors. I am getting so so sick of it. I just want to get to a spin class or run through the park but icy roads are prohibiting my good intentions.

With that I wanted to turn the spotlight on 'self care' and my friend Karin's new project, Pom Pom Social. She has created a lovely community for moms and invited me and a few others to share our tips for 'self care'. My tips focus on self respect, manis (duh) and GNOs.

If you find yourself homebound, in a slump or in desire of some ideas for 'self care' hop on over to her site to see the full collection of content from all of the moms.

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