sweet a.f.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Since this is kind of a ‘mom blog’ after all. I get the chance to drop in some sweet motherhood moments to share and remember. Today is one of those days.

Ever since Mario was born I have sung him a lullaby that I remember my own madre singing. I don’t actually remember her singing it to me but I remember her singing it to my brother, who is 13 years my junior. I adlibbed the second verse because I don’t remember how it ended. I have been singing it to him off and on throughout his life. Most often when trying to put him to bed.

Just this past weekend he asked me to sing it again once I had finished it. I was so surprised when I realized that this song was registering for him and found it extremely sweet that he wanted me to continue. Obviously, I obliged.

Then, Sunday night when I was singing it to him he started to sing along with me. Once again I was in shock and amazement to catch my little guy playing along and singing along with me. I shouldn’t be very surprised. He loves to sing and can be caught singing along with his cousinds, to the radio in the car or demanding “ADEEEELLLLLEEEE” from our google home device. But this was a really big deal for me and I caught myself feeling sentimental, nostalgic and proud all at once.

Here is the song, would love to hear if anyone else is familiar or if you know the second verse!

Duermete mi nino

Duermete mi sol

Duermete pedaso de mi corazon


Mario es mi nino

Si se llama Mo

Mo mo mo mo mo mo de mi corazon

xx Ly