Knowing what you want

Knowing exactly what you want is something I am pretty good at. I spend my time making the right decision about a pair of high waisted jeans or weighing all the options when considering the perfect black boot. I can tell you right now that I have always wanted a house painted a crisp white with clean black trim, a wood paneled jeep grand wagoner and a collie. Things like that, trivial things, are the types of things that I can tell you that I know for sure.

Kids and family details are much hazier for me. I haven't spent enough time picturing this. I never pictured a baby in my arms until I became pregnant. And now that he's here, and no longer a baby, I haven't been able to picture anything beyond what we have.

I am always impressed, and even shocked, when I hear friends talk about their current family or future family with such confidence. Knowing that they want exactly two kids, three kids, five kids or no kids. They just know it, and believe it enough to say it out loud without fear of jinxing themselves or their future plans. 

I write this because, being young parents we are frequently asked when we will be expanding our family. Mike and I are at a phase where we are most likely not having more children, I know #neversaynever. We have multiple reasons that I will get into for a future post. When we give this answer we leave our friends and family unsatisfied.

So, I have asked a few friends to share their thoughts about family size and family planning. Why they think they are done or if they just knew before they even started. I invite you to ping me if you want to share. I find it to be a really complex subject. If you have a unique story or perspective I would love to hear from you as well. Will post the first in this series next week.

xx Ly