Nature bathing

After a hurry up to get on the road Friday night, I landed at my uncle’s cabin up in the Washington wilderness in the dark.  

Earlier in the evening and on my way home from work I rushed to the grocery store & ran home to pack my stuff in the only thing I could find: a very large (and multipurpose it turns out) laundry bag from ikea.

We drank wine- sparkling apple cider for Mo and Annabella, created some insane fires in the large fireplace, roasted marshmallows and we all stayed up way too late. That was just the first night.

Not much beats waking up in the woods. Arriving in the middle of the night allowed for the wake up to be all the more climactic. Seeing everything in its brittle winter state was unfamiliar. This time of year I am used to seeing the cabin pincturesquely sitting on its snow covered property.


We spent as much time as we could outside in the 26 degree temps. Walking thru the woods, looking up at the trees and keeping our eyes peeled for horses and alpacas on the neighboring properties. When it was too cold for everyone else I would take Baron out to run around the property and spend some extra time outdoors.


Everytime we go we say we need to come more often. Last year we said we would come once a month and somehow we have not been once in the last year. The cabin is just a 1.5 hour drive from home and we really should take advantage of my aunt & uncle’s generosity & open door policy on the spot. I hope we do in 2018. 

xx Ly