thank you instagram & meet sasha

I am really amazed at the people I have met thru instagram. Part of the reason I created my 'madre' account was so that I could dive straight into motherhood on social media without any inhibitions.

To start, I was very serious about using and trolling hashtags that allowed me to connect and find women in my similar situation. So naturally, I found moms that were posting pics of their #newborns using things like #twoweeksold or #breastfeeding or #newmom or #honestmotherhood, the list goes on

What this inevitably did was introduce me to a whole community of women and mothers that I never really would have found otherwise. One of those women is Sasha Bitar. I don't remember exactly when I found Sasha but I have been following her for maybe two years or more. She has great personal style, an adorable daughter Kaia and takes a mean selfie.

Over the holidays I came across this striking self portrait that she posted. I read the caption and was stunned. I had tears in my eyes and was at a loss for how to help my friend. A person I have never met but have watched from afar and connected over written messages. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 2.29.12 PM.png

Before my little Kaia got diagnosed with Lymphoma I used to worry about whether I should get bangs or not, what colour to paint the walls, what we should wear in our family photos and countless other things that were a complete waste of time. This experience, although still fresh, has already taught me to listen to the voice within and do what I feel is right for me with less consideration of what others may think. Do whatever feels authentic and true to you. It will serve you best and in due course, others too. So fuck it, I got bangs. I am more fearless than I’ve ever been. This is just a small step but the universe is asking of way more from me on this journey with my daughter and I am ready to step up in a big way. 

- Sasha

Since this post I have connected with Sasha, the only way we know how. Thru instagram messages and comments. Sharing words of support and sending posi vibes to her and Kaia. Following along on this rough & unfair hand that they have been dealt.

Just today Sasha shared a new post and the amazing news that Kaia's most recent scans show no signs of cancer and that her baby is kicking cancer's ass.

To read more about Sasha's story you can read this post she wrote here

xx ly

Kaia, November 2017

Kaia, November 2017