Five Things: OCTOBER

In flight and en route to Boston and New York for work & inspired to share an October five things!

I have been really loving this month. As sad as I was to see the warm and long days of Summer go, I held on extra hard to those summer nights, eating dinners outside and wearing sandals probably beyond what is seasonally appropriate. October has been lovely.   

Sunny with a slight chill in the mornings and evenings allowing for beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I have been loco with work and a few extra curriculars, combatting a sore throat this week with routine sips of the Mickelberry Gardens throat & lung tonic and oregano oil drops swallowed by giant gulps of warm water, thank you PK for the tip!

Without further nonsense, here are my October 2018 five things!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.10.38 PM.png

1) MARIGOLDS For as long as I can remember, I have had mid October dreams of drying my own marigolds to make day of the dead inspired garlands. On a walk last week thru my neighborhood I saw some hanging and stopped in to learn more. The florist said they were not really for sale but sold me a strand as well as a bunch of marigolds that will then dry over the next couple weeks and I can make my marigold dreams come true.

2) MOTHER DENIM No secret that I am a huge fan of Mother Denim. I recently bought a new pair for fall and they are my new favorites. Every pair of Mother that I have bought have become immediate wardrobe staples. These ones are a lighter wash with some tears that make for the perfect vintage look. I love them so much.

3) LONDON FLOWER SCHOOL A recent find and follow on Instagram is @londonflowerschool. A really beautiful program that trains florists. I love to see the creativity and production behind some really beautiful floral projects. Their IG stories are fantastic as well.

4) A STAR IS BORN SOUNDTRACK Mike and I had a little date night last week and saw A Star Is Born at the theatre in our hood. The movie was great, I am proud to report that I wasn’t a puddle of tears as I had anticipated based off reviews from some girlfriends. I have been loving the soundtrack and had it playing in my head and thru the house ever since. I only wish it cut out the pop songs. I realized while watching the film that I had not seen a love story on screen in quite a while, Ally & Jack definitely had my heart, and I was so proud of Gaga.

5) LENTIL SOUP My friend Rainbow shared this recipe with me maybe five years ago and I still go back to it. Plus Trader Joe’s makes it really easy on me. This past week Mario helped me make it for dinner one night and we were both very happy about it. Recipe below.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.09.30 PM.png

Thanks so much for reading. Please share any of your personal favorite things this month, I am always on the hunt for something new to sink my teeth/feet/eyes into.

xx ly