holidaze w/ Jennifer Pak

Last year in the middle of December I had the bright idea to feature some of my favorite mom types on the blog to get them to share their holiday secrets. Here we are in December 2018 and I am back at it with a whole new gang of women I have met thru the blog and instagram. Enjoy their quick hits for a happy holiday & find a few more here. xx

Kicking off this year’s version of ‘holidaze’ with Jenny the creative genius behind Gjenmi jewelry. I was introduced to Jenny a little over two years ago when I complimented a coworker on her necklace. It was the type of necklace that was simple yet bold and subtle but not basic. I ended up at House of Lolo in Portland which sells some of Jenny’s pieces and bought two necklaces on the spot. To justify the price of both combined I rationalized that the star & moon one I bought was commemorative of me & Momo with the star & moon representing us both. I also bought a very thin gold choker that Mo has been known to wear as well. He actually just had me put it back on him last week and loves pointing it out to people once they compliment me on the one I am wearing.

Enough about me. Here are a few things to know about Jenny… As I hinted at above, she is a successful entrepreneur, designing her own line of jewelry and running and operating her own business in the Los Angeles area. She is a wife and madre, her kids Theo and Luna have the best hair on instagram. And it must be noted that Jenny has great personal style and I love the way that she tells both her personal story as a working mom & that of her family thru IG. She is def worth a follow: @jennysung.

When I was thinking about doing this round up again this year Jenny was the first person I reached out to about participating in my little q&a and I am so happy she agreed to do it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 4.26.18 PM.png

Holidaze q & a w/ Jenny Pak:

LL: Number 1, fave holiday album?

JP: Mariah carey everything!

LL: Number 2, go to holiday drink?

JP: Mulled wine.

LL: Number 3, what will you be gifting your girlfriends this year?

JP: Experiences over things! Maybe some passes to Descanso Gardens or a monthly wine club membership.

LL: Number 4, fave piece of holiday decor?

JP: A beautiful wreath, which I haven’t gotten yet!

LL: Number 5, what is at the top of your personal wishlist, besides world peace of course?

JP: This took me a second, I feel so fortunate already. I typically don’t ask for anything but an Acne Rainbow wool sweater I’ve had my eye on would be nice.

Thank you so much Jenny! Good news looks like that sweater is on sale. I might get one too :)

I will be posting a few more of these over the next couple weeks and looking forward to introducing you to a few more of the mom friends I have made on the internet.

xx Ly