Five things: March edition

Somehow it feels like March has just begun and that it is almost over. All at the same time. Here this month to share five recent things I am loving, can't live without and have been thinking on. Two of which are featured in the image above.

1) HONEY TONIC After a weekend of sunshine the flowers are not being shy. Cherry blossoms decorate the sidewalks and walkways, daffodils are bursting up out of the ground and the tickle in my throat is here. Seasonal allergies are real in Portland, Oregon. Last year I discovered the best remedy to date: Mickelberry Gardens Honey Tonic. I find it at New Seasons in town and am extremely impressed with the immediate effects. I take it daily and sometimes twice a day whenever I have a tickle in my throat and it immediately subsides. It is made of local honey which is key when fighting seasonal allergies.


2) GJENMI LOVE About two years ago I bought myself a very simple necklace. A delicate gold chain with an offset star and crescent moon. I absolutely love it and it means a lot to me, I have not taken off since putting it on. It is by the jewelry company Gjenmi by Jennifer Pak. Jennifer is based in the LA area and I follow her on instagram. She frequently posts unique pieces as samples on Instagram stories for future designs and sells them at discount. I have been eyeing a lot of these pieces over the past few months and ultimately over DM conversations she offered to do a custom piece for me. 

I was thrilled with this idea and ended up choosing a ballerina ring with five multicolor sapphires. It is so unique and I love that about it. Thank you Jennifer! 

3) MEMORIES At this age, three years, it is really sweet to see Mario collecting memories but more so to have him bring up past memories in conversation with me. Last week we were in the kitchen making some dinner, he sees a rock he snuck home from our October visit to Joshua Tree and says to me: ‘Mom that rock is like an asteroid from Joshua Tree.’ I was so impressed with him digging this fact out of the back of his brain and very happy I had let him bring some of those rocks home from the desert. Said rock is pictured above.

4) DEODERANT I switched over to natural deodorant about two years ago and have gone between two options. Up until last month I was using a rock deodorant that didn’t ever really catch on if you know what I mean. While at Palace, a favorite local shop that carries a little bit of everything, I discovered a new one. All natural from North Carolina and in super pretty scents. It is called Morning Calm and so far I love everything about it. 

5) A GOOD READ I was introduced to this article during a consumer insights session at work and super duper intrigued by the notion that 'being busy' is a status symbol in today's culture. It got me thinking a lot about leisure and how that used to be something only for the elite where as nowadays it is somewhat considered 'out' to have downtime or that when you do you are running your mouth of all the 'things' that keep you so occupied. Either way check out the article Improving Ourselves to Death from the New Yorker if you want some more thoughts on this idea. 

Thanks for reading!

xx Ly