The Weekend Report w/ Whitney

Back with my second ever ‘Weekend Report’ and featuring fellow brunette, blogger and madre Whitney Goodman. You might know Whitney from her blog WM Goods or her former shop by the same name, through her consulting business or her Real Goods podcast. I was super happy when Whitney said yes to this little collaboration as I knew her list would be a perfect contrast/compliment to my own. If you saw mine last week it was an ‘eastside guide’ so naturally this one is full on ‘westside’ as Whitney lives in Portland’s West Hills with her husband Tommy, daughter Inez and little doggy they affectionately call Nug.

xx ly

The Weekend Report c/o Whitney Goodman


My perfect weekend would start with Nez sleeping in until 9am so I could catch up on some zzz’s (she usually wakes up at around 7:45am).

Then my husband, Nez, and I would lounge around the house while I enjoy a giant iced matcha and a bagel, before we pack up and hit the road to Hood River for the afternoon. Nez would be a perfect angel in the car and we would sit out on a blanket while watching the windsurfers before grabbing an insanely delicious pizza at Solstice Wood Fire Pizza. We’d walk around town before hopping back in the car and driving back to Portland, but of course we’d stop by for a soft serve at Sugar Pine Drive-In on the way.

My parents would watch Nez so my husband and I could enjoy a rare date night out. We’d have a long, leisurely dinner at Tusk and order one of everything on the menu. Personal favorites include the cracked olives, baked cheese, and my dream of bottomless flatbread.

The next morning, we’d start by grabbing a Spiced Fig Latte at Good Coffee in Slabtown and walking around NW with nowhere in particular to go. Then we’d head over to Milk Glass Mrkt for brunch, where I’d order the smoked trout plate, a cinnamon roll, and the veggie sando, all for myself (in my dream world, calories aren’t a thing and I never feel too full, so we’re cool!).

We’d then head over to the West End to do some shopping at Frances May, West End Select Shop, Woonwinkel, and Powell’s, where I’d pick up a bunch of beautiful cookbooks that I will never actually use but will admire.

Finally we’d come home and light a fire, spending the rest of the afternoon watching movies and hanging out on our couch while Nez took the longest nap in recorded history, before ordering in a giant pizza and rabbit salad from Sizzle Pie. A perfect day!

This is a quintessential Portland weekend. All of these activities, maybe minus windsurfers, are doable rain or shine. A leisurely walk in the rain with a latte in hand sans kid sounds super romantic somehow (insert shrug emoji).

I will be adding Milk Glass Mrkt and Solstice Pizza to my own weekend to-do lists. Whenever we end up in Hood River we never really know where to land food wise so definitely taking note and have heard great things about Solstice. Already a big fan of every other spot on your list but need to try the ‘rabbit salad’ now too.

Thank you Whitney, really appreciate you taking the time to write this up and share your #bestweekendever.

I hope you enjoyed this Weekend Report and as always let us know if or when you try one of these new spots out. I am excited for a few more collaborations I have up my sleeve for this series.

xx Ly