florals by TJ

February marks our ninth month in the new house and I find myself regularly inspecting the place for clutter. Taking a critical eye to the surfaces and objectively asking if something belongs or dare I say ‘sparks joy’ on the mantle, credenza or counters. I am definitely team clean and minimal on my open surfaces. Just the other weekend I assessed my situation and swiftly replaced the collection of art we had leaning onto the wall above our mantle with the antique gold framed mirror we had hanging at our old house. It was sitting lonely in our garage and now in its new home has brought a much needed calm to the room and elegance to the mantle.

Later that day I was on my weekly TJ’s run and scooped up a bunch of un-blossomed lilies and a bunch of eucalyptus to put into a vase on the mantle to add a little life to the, yes decluttered but, slightly sterile looking mantle.

Today almost two weeks later I am happy to report that this $12 investment is continuing to pay off and I think I can get another week out of these guys and happy to have found a spot in the house where flowers can make a regular appearance.

xx Ly