These are My Confessions Volume 1

I love listicles. One for their ease in development, you can really make a list about anything, as well as their ability to share a lot without really having to share a lot. Here are 10 random confessions that I am inclined to share in the event you can relate.

  1. I like the idea of being in the peace and quiet of my house when the Mike and Mo are away. If I am working from home or have a morning or afternoon to myself. But then it just feels wrong and I escape to a cafe, coffee shop or city target (lol) to be around people.

  2. I watch This is Us. I like it and I cry nearly every episode.

  3. Some mornings I wake up, take a look in the mirror and curse myself for not giving a shit about skincare earlier. I fear that I started to pay attention to skin care too late. In other words my face looks so old when I get up real close in the mirror. Help me.

  4. I don’t think we bathe Mario nearly enough. Ask how often if you dare.

  5. I recently discovered the term ‘sharenting’ and not sure if it is a good or bad word. But it has made me think a bit harder about what and why I share so much of my #momlyfe on the internet. And it didn’t make me feel great.

  6. I had a vegan sausage this morning for breakfast and it was good. But I am not a vegetarian or vegan or any of those things and don’t plan to ever change.

  7. Since turning 35 this month the thought of being half way to 70 is WILD and made me think for real about my mortality.

  8. I feel too old to be bumping Arianna Grande on my commute but I do it anyways.

  9. My new years resolution was to officially commit to composting. But as of last week I quit due to mold and ants. What are your compost tips?

  10. I hate that I overthink which foto to post on which acct: @makinglamadre @lydialauer @pompomsocial @thatsodwell but doing my best to not overthink and do what feels good.

thanks for reading.

xx Ly