'out & about with baby' bag part 1

This madre is on the hunt for a bag that both madre y padre can use for toting babies must haves when we are out and about. Obviously something with room for diapers, bottles and snacks. My +1 thinks room for his gym clothes and laptop would be good too. Either way we are on the hunt and I am having a hard time finding something that will work for us. My initial idea was to get a tote or backpack from Filson, a brand we love. Below are a couple street style snaps I found on the web that show you how a madre or padre can rock the bags.

filson womens bag


Filson is a Northwest based company that creates outdoor gear for an active Northwest lifestyle focusing on fishing and hunting. In the past few years they have been making waves with sportswear and lifestyle consumers. Their products are crafted really well and offer classic silhouettes that are timeless so the investment is definitely worth it.

Filson bags as diaper bags

the bags: a) original sportsman camera bag b) 72 hour briefcase c) duffle backpack d) tin cloth backpack

The above bags are what we were initially looking at. When in their Portland store recently I learned that many parents come in and end up using the camera bags as diaper bags since they have so much storage and if you think about it baby bottles and jars of food are pretty much the same sizes as lenses.

As if I have to mention, the main appeal in the bags is that they are not in fact diaper bags and that they are amazing quality and design. We did not make a decision yet and are doing some more research. Expect another Diaper Bag post soon.

xx Ly