Boyfriend jeans & distressed denim

boyfriend jeans as maternity jeans

At about 10 weeks I was on the hunt for some pants that were a little more comfortable than my existing skinnies. I opted for a pair of boyfriend jeans at Forever 21. I bought them in my typical size but loved the extra room, relaxed fit and the distressed denim style.

Many maternity brands are offering boyfriend style jeans in maternity styles with the elastic belly band or full belly band. You can find them pretty much at any retailer including my favorite- ASOS.

But today at 30 weeks I can still wear the non maternity jeans I purchased 20 weeks back. Yes I have a hair tie keeping the button and the hole together but these might be my absolute favorite purchase the past few months. I know I will continue to wear the jeans after the baby arrives and was very happy with the $24 price tag.

Below are a few boyfriend jean/ distressed denim maternity and non maternity looks I love. Above you can see the jeans and I enjoying a trip to my cousin's houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle at 17 weeks.

maternity style boyfriend jeans

maternity boyfriend jeans

maternity boyfriend jeans

all above photos from pinterest

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