bitch stole my look!

hatch collection dress

hatch collection dress $288 | gap body night shirt $49.95

As I have noted before, I am a major fan of the Hatch Collection. A purchase this weekend from Gap Body and a viewing of this photo, of Hatch founder Ariane in her buttondown dress, made me realize I had just produced in jest an attempt of 'bitch stole my look'. Now I know this is not exactly a 'BSML' moment but I was impressed with how similar the two were.

I mentioned on Instagram over the weekend that I bought an oversize nightshirt that might moonlight as a real shirt. And sure enough I made that happen on Monday- I opted to pair the Gap Body plaid brushed cotton nightshirt with some real clothes and wear it into work. I have been on the hunt for two things. One, an oversize flannel with appropriate tailoring one- for a woman and two to appropriately drape my belly. Two, a night shirt that I can wear around the house and not feel like a granny once the little one arrives. When I discovered the above shirt at the Gap at 30% off I opted to pick it up knowing it could do double duty.

maternity style making la madre flannel

maternity style making la madre

To wear to work I paired it with my Old Navy utility vest, some pre pregnancy washed out denim (with hair tie fastener!) and my favorite Jeffrey Campbell black boots. I still prefer the styling and fit of the Hatch Collection dress but am happy with my much more affordable version, and of course very happy that the item is not maternity and will get double duty as shirt dress and night shirt. I have since ordered an oversize flannel from ZARA and look forward to seeing how that one fits and works out.

xx Ly