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So I lied... Earlier this week I said I was gonna pull out some shift dresses from my closet and make them work for next weekend's family wedding. Since saying that I visited ASOS and prompted by the promo code on Joanna Goddard's blog I opted to scoop up four new options. Said options should be arriving today on my doorstep and I look forward to seeing how they fit and flatter. And will determine if they can do the work for next weekend's Chicago area wedding.

I chose four quite different styles. Left to right above:

  1. The Knit Dress looks soft and cozy, perfect for the weather with the long sleeves and material. I can pair it with some opaque tights or maybe even bare my legs if weather permits.
  2. The Body Con Dress in Baroque comes with this layered on necklace which for me was a plus! Lets see how it fits.
  3. The Exclusive Lace Body Con Dress is my favorite for the season, just hoping it lives up to my hype when I try it on. I love the bold color and cute bow.
  4. The Shift Dress with Bird & Floral embroidery kinda reads wallpaper but I really like it. It also seems like it might be a little more appropriate for warmer climates but it was worth a try.

Will be back next week or soon after with my review- one of these or one of the ones from my closet will make the rounds next weekend at the wedding or one of the upcoming holiday parties on the calendar.

xx Ly