Maternity Style Crush #6

maternity style crush kristen bell

Kristen Bell is not someone I would typically gravitate towards for style. I do gravitate towards her however because she is a really funny and adorable actress. Everyone has seen the sloth video from her Ellen Show interview a few years back right? If not its definitely worth a viewing for some laughs.

This is her second pregnancy and she has had a few looks that are really fun and unexpected. I love seeing people take fashion risks and I think an extra degree of confidence is due when you are willing to take such risks with a baby belly. She has this pretty great quote from a few weeks back about her maternity style:

"I make a joke that when I'm pregnant, I always dress a little sluttier. It makes me feel more like a human and less like a whale."

I think thats some damn good advice! Below is a round up of some of my favorite looks of hers. The yellow and black jumpsuit, above, has to be my favorite. I love how bold it is, and rocking a jumpsuit during maternity I lam into for multiple reasons! The casual black dress looks amazing on her and I am immediately drawn to the casual tomboy look of her in jeans and a big tee.


kristen bell maternity style


xx Ly