winter weather round up

With this kid is due at the new year I have begun to stock up on cozy house clothes. Items that will keep me warm, cute and clothed between napping, nursing and welcoming visitors the first few weeks. I am trying to prepare myself so I am not a complete slob those first weeks/months and so that I have things I look forward to wearing. I have begun to find a few pieces to upgrade my sleep clothes/ lounge clothes that will make things a little easier and likely up my mood and esteem when I will otherwise and likely be a complete wreck.

Back in October I kickstarted my cozy wardrobe. At Anthropologie I picked up a pair of satin lounge pants (pajamas) with some really great details that elevate these pants from sleepwear to acceptable house clothes. Details such as: an elastic waistband (a must for the '4th trimester'), a pretty paisley (very Anthro) pattern, lace trim along the hem and pockets, and a tapered fit that grazes right above the ankle for a very flattering style. Unfortunately these are no longer on their site, they must have been carry over from Summer. But the round up below includes some similar pairs that I am thinking about. I have also added a few other items that will be musts as I am at home in the cold winter months taking care of this little person.

la cozy madre. new mom cold weather essentials

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1) These are quite similar to the pair I mentioned above. A pretty pattern, luxe fabric and details.

2) I wanted an alternative to Uggs. Something that would keep as strictly house shoes. I purchased the Minnetonka slippers a month ago. They have been a welcome addition to my before bed and early morning routine. These will come in very handy running around the house, keeping my toes warm and not having to worry about finding clean socks.

3) Baggy shirts that cover my a$$! My sister in-law reccomends wearing your normal shirts with a camisole or tank underneath so that you don't have to be wearing nursing tops all the time. Would love to check these out from J.Crew and pair them with a tank for extra warmth and for her nursing trick.

4) Chai tea! I am not a coffee girl- unless it is coffee ice cream. I love the sweet and spicy combination of flavors. So I will be drinking this when I need something warm to comfort me in the early mornings.

5) These are a rayon and spandex blend. I love that they have a bit of a harem style to them with the drop crotch. Bringing some unexpected edge to the pants and undoubtedly making them extra comfortable. Definitely on my want list.

6) I like the neutral oatmeal color of this robe. It won't clash with the bold patterns of the lounge pants and looks very soft and non fussy.

7) New, clean and cute socks to keep my toes warm in bed.

Please share any favorite cozy finds of yours or items that helped you in your '4th trimester'. I am still looking for some waffle knit henley's to add to my list.

xx Ly